Notorious Assholes Of The Horror Industry


Michael Bay is the last of the unholy trinity of Horror Remake-Producers (the others being Andrew Form & Bradley Fuller - see below) to be inducted but there are more smelly folds to this asshole than just producing. He is also the Director who's almost single handedly responsible for all of the big budget, seizure inducing, Action movies that have defiled theaters from the mid 90's to present day.
This HAHOF induction is a no-brainer. He's a big time, greedy, Hollywood asshole!

Andrew Form is part of the unholy trinity of Remake-Producers that includes himself, Bradley Fuller (listed below) and Michael Bay (coming soon). Together they are almost exclusively responsible for all of the unnecessary "re-imaginings" that have defiled theaters since the early 2000's.
You're a money-grubbing asshole, Andrew, welcome to the HAHOF.

Joss Whedon became very successful from Writing/Producing easily digested Horror for stupid people and by doing so, lowered the bar for the genre as a whole.
Welcome to the HAHOF, asshole! You can park your Bentley anywhere.

I just flat don't like Tim Burton's personality, his face, his hair, the way he dresses, his wife, the stupid fucking movies he makes or the legions of annoying, pseudo-Horror fans that they generate. In short, he's an ...

If Larry Fessenden is the savior of modern Horror (and trust me, he is) then Bradley Fuller is the anti-christ because if you look at his filmography, it reads like the story of a man who is exploiting the Horror genre, by producing awful remakes and terrible big budget releases, for some quick cash.

Guillermo del Toro, who was once considered to be part of the new breed of Horror filmmakers, has spent a majority of his career producing awful, zillion dollar, Action/Fantasy movies and terrible remakes. 
What an asshole!!

"At the age of 29, during production of Clownhouse, Victor Salva sexually molested the film's 12-year-old lead actor, and filmed their encounters. Salva pleaded guilty to one count of lewd and lascivious conduct, one count of oral sex with a person under 14, and three counts of procuring child pornography. Salva was sentenced to three years in prison, of which he served 15 months." -wikipedia

A long history of violence toward women and being rude to fans gets this bloated dick first ballot entry into the not so hallowed halls of the HAHOF.

It wouldn't be fair to not induct ourselves into the HAHOF because no one is a bigger asshole than us at MMAPP. It is our egomaniacal, intolerant, judgmental nature that drives us to do what we do and if you don't like that, then go fuck yourself!

OK, so she might not exactly be an "asshole" but she clearly only uses Horror Conventions to preach to her fans about her stupid dog rescue charity. Not a terrible thing but wrong place, wrong time. Just sign my Exorcist poster and stop harassing me, I don't care about your fucking dogs!!

Doyle is working overtime to reinforce the fact that most muscle-heads from New Jersey are total Dick-wads. So unless you are a stack of free-weights or a bottle of performance enhancing drugs, don't expect a warm reception from him.

Our second HAHOF inductee, Michael Biehn, is a real humorless toolbag who once nearly walked out of a Q&A because the audience questions weren't coming fast enough.

Our first (of many) HAHOF inductee is Tom Savini for a long established history of arrogance, indifference, rudeness and a general sense that he is being put out by any fans that approach him.