A Glossary Of Monster Movie APP Phrases


Filmmaker-Friend: noun
Is defined as a friend who has decided to become or has become a filmmaker and now critiques each scene of every movie for its technical quality.

Example: "My 'Filmmaker-Friend' hated the movie because the lighting & sound were, according to him, amateurish and not nearly as good as the film that he will make some day."



Oatmeal-Zombie: noun idiom
Is defined as a Zombie design that incorporates a low-budget makeup technique using oatmeal (or oatmeal like substances) to create the appearance of decaying flesh.

Example: "Seeing 'Oatmeal-Zombies' in a film is a pretty good indication that it's going to fucking suck."



Horror-Profiling: verb
Is defined as judging the quality of a Horror movie based solely on its cover art and title.

Example: "You better do your research because Horror-Profiling will result in watching some really shitty films."



Simulated-Grindhouse: adj
Is defined as a modern day film that is specifically designed to resemble the style of a 70's Grindhouse movie. Much like a 'Fanboy-Film' (see below), so much attention is paid to mimicking other people's work that these movies lack any real value of their own.

Example: "Zombie Isle is a 'Simulated-Grindhouse' film that desperately wanted to capture the 70's vibe but instead, turned out more like a bad Troma movie."



Chick-Flick-Vagina: noun idiom
Is defined as a process that men use to mentally prepare themselves for watching films that are specifically made to appeal to only women.

Example: "You better put on your 'Chick-Flick-Vagina', before watching 'Interview With A Vampire', you're gonna need it."



Nod-Guy: noun idiom
Is defined as a Horror fan that dissects movies looking for 'nods' or 'homages' to previously made films. This type of person believes that every scene of every movie is in someway a tribute to or a ripoff of films from the past. Although, in most cases, it's just a coincidence.

Example: "Did you hear the 'Nod-Guy'? He wouldn't shut up about the old car in the 'Evil Dead' remake and wrecked the whole movie for everyone else."



Cool-Guy or Cool-Chick Dialogue: noun
Is defined as unrealistic dialogue designed to establish a film's characters (and sometimes the script writer) as "cool". This type of dialogue is typically unnaturally, wordy and contains an over use of slang terms and pop culture references.

Example: "Quentin Tarantino's 'Cool-Chick-Dialogue' makes his film, 'Death Proof' completely un-fucking-watchable!"



Fanboy-Film: noun
Is defined as a movie written/directed by an overzealous fan of the Horror genre. This type of film contains an overuse of references to other Horror movies and lacks any real value of its own.

Example: "Watching a 'Fanboy-Film' is more like playing a game of 'Can you spot the reference?' than seeing an actual movie."



Titty-Actress: noun idiom
Is defined as an actress of limited acting talent but with ample physical attractiveness. This type of actress is only cast in movies for the purpose of selling DVDs to horny geeks.

Example: "Filmmakers use 'Titty-Actresses' to compensate for their lack of talent."



Audition-Film: noun
Is defined as a movie created by an indie filmmaker for the purpose of getting noticed by major Hollywood Producers. These films are usually void of the qualities that made their previous work good and contain a lot of flashy camera work, action sequences and lack any significant storyline.

Example: "Tommy Wirkola and Greg Mclean both made 'Audition-Films' as sequels to their indie Horror classics."



Dog-Baby: noun Idiom 
Is defined as a ridiculous plot twist in a good movie that ruins the rest of the film completely.
(Origin: The movie Blood Glacier)

Example: "That was a great film but the end was a real 'Dog-Baby'."



Horror-Con-Movie: noun
Is defined as a film that stars multiple actors who are widely known for doing Horror Conventions. 

Example: "Army Of The Damned is such a 'Horror-Con-Movie' that I mistook the cast listing for the guest lineup at Texas Frightmare Weekend."